Paul Mac – Space, Space, & More Space 12″ – Tortured

TORTURED003Paul Mac has been keeping busy around the studio, this time lending his expertise in modular synthesis to the recently revitalized Tortured imprint. A force in the late 90s and early 00s with names like Ben Long, Cari Lekebusch, and Gaetek contributing to the aggressive, percusive aesthetic, Bill Nasty’s label emerges from a 10 year hibernation to new releases from stalwarts Mark Broom & Paul Mac (as well as some of RadioNasty’s own work.)

This EP wastes no time in getting started – Test Nine is a brutal acid workout with standard 1-2 punch percussion and tightly wound layers of ominous melody loops. Last Gasp has a Jeff Mills style dischordant harmony moistly bubbling through the tasty drum grit, an excellent driving textural exploration. On the title track, there’s a bit more distance and variation, probably inspiring the name – the acid line still advances to extremely close proximity as the track progresses. Ritzi Lee contributes a solid remix that fits fairly seamlessly with the rest of the record.

While Tortured’s earlier works often seem anchored in time, alongside Hybrid and Drumcode releases of the era, this third entry into their reinvigorated schedule shows a forward-looking approach that handily keeps pace with hard techno’s new generation.

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