Resolution 88 – self-titled CD album – Synthethesia

This album has cute track titles that don’t capture the intricacy of the music. Case in point: “Pursuit of the Jetsonmobile,” which conjures an image of a saxophone player jamming to his heart’s content with a snare drum going off at every smokey high note. In some ways, it’s the epitome of acid jazz; the funky undercurrents add a boogie down element as well. Some of the downtempo bits are a quality blend of elevator jazz and psychedelic scat groove, making for a thoroughly enjoyable bout of day-dreaming. Without giving too much away, I’ll add that the layering of UnRavelling, the longest track on the album, is a must-hear. Even if you don’t buy jazz very often, give this album a chance. It’s top-tier funk.

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