Tallmen 785 – Stead Fast 12″ – Rhythm Nation

RN002Opening the 4 track EP of floor-friendly is a maybe misleading, wandering arpeggiated synth that winds between a carefully programmed rhythm variation. Misleading because it might lead one to believe that it’s a more atmospheric than functional record. But maybe not misleading – while this is clearly a very percussion-driven, “proper” techno record, it’s one that has some expression built into the fuzzy synth core jostling uneasily in the lower mid-section of each of the tracks.

Tallmen 785 is actually a pretty tall fellow, not sure if that has anything to do with the moniker. This quickly ascendant producer has effectively established himself as a fixture in the Berlin scene, with this marking his 10th dance 12″ since his apparent start in 2012. Also, very Berlin are his collaborations with key players like Fiedel and John Osborn, and involvement on Osborn’s Tanstaafl imprint. As is the functional, straightforward without overly streamlined affect of his production work.

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