Floating Points – Elaenia LP – Luaka Bop

Sam Shepherd burned the night oil hard while making this full-length—he was earning his PhD in neuroscience at the same time. The result is a meticulously-orchestrated monument of the times. The zeitgeist these days is individualist, but community still factors into the decisions we make – some even argue that it should be the basis of those decisions.

The symphonic sounds of Elaenia bring together machines you’ve never heard of (and a few that are probably familiar) in a composition that’s much more than first meets the ear. Hear the difference each time you listen to it. The Buchla, Fender Rhodes, cellos, and je ne sais quoi inherent to Shepherd’s productions will help you welcome winter like never before.

The album artwork on the outside of the jacket was made by the beat of the Buchla 200e while recording “For Marmish.” Each thump illuminated fibre-optic filaments, and the image was burned on to the jackets. The inside of each sleeve gives a peeping Tom view of some of the eclectic hardware in the Floating Points studio, letting you feel like you’re satiating your curiosity by crossing a couple lines. A blend of jazz, experimental, and house, there’s really no way to classify this music, and we’re not going to try. Some things are meant to exist in that grey area. For maximum enjoyment, lie on the floor to feel the reverb.

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