Healing Force Project – Gravitational Lensing 12″ – Firecracker

R-7997066-1453155099-7343.jpegFollowing up on his recent remix for Linkwood, Healing Force Project presents an imaginatively packaged mini-album for Edinburgh’s Firecracker.

Increasingly adventurous over the past couple years, Healing Force Project’s frenetic recording / performing / programming is reminiscent of Squarepusher’s second wave: recordings like Music Is Rotted One Note and Budakhan Mindphone that blur the lines between Sun Ra’s instrumental manipulations and Afrikan Sciences’ sequencing wizardry. In Gravitational Lensing there’s more emphasis given to the stacatto elements than on some of his more loop-driven, overtly hypnotic recent works. While some of the rhythmic phrases build with repetition, much of the common energy across these disparate tracks comes from the wonky, unpredictable outbursts of drum hits, sample flourishes, and keyboard asides.

In the context of Firecracker’s catalog, the album shows off a label comfortable in its leftfield foundations and branching out into more liberal interpretations, spanning from Linkwood’s deeper than house ruminations, HOLOVR’s crystaline artificial intelligence, and here Healing Force Project’s free jazz exploration.

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