Marcellus Pittman – Sneak Attack 12″ – Unirhythm

R812723514564099934568.jpegMarcellus Pittman has finally released two banging tracks off his debut album “Pieces”

MP dives deep into the abyss with these experimental tracks…

The long awaited “Sneak Attack” properly titled as the beats ‘sneak’ up on you. It starts as a broken beat track but as you’re waiting for the four four kick to come in, it teases you through out the track with different sounds and boom when you least expect it the track takes off but then brings you back to its original state. Have fun bangin this one!

“Random Acts of Insanity” starts off in that typical MP flavor, but here you can tell right away that MP is going for a deeper journey with his synthesized¬† sound. I feel like I’m traveling through his mind with each sound lighting up different areas of his brain.. I don’t know if you can get any deeper than that. This is a fun experimental ride by one of Detroit’s favorite sons. Enjoy and beat that shit!!

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