Lubin – Diffusion 12” – Kimochi Sound

R829137914618866534582.jpegLubin’s 3rd outing on Kimochi showcases some airy material for the appropriately named Diffusion. Things open up with the short, but vast “Berlin Heat”, before diving into the beat-driven, disorienting number, “The Forces That Be.” “Ladybugs” is a pretty slick tune. It’s bright, whimsical, and should be a fun tune to play out. While it seems a bit more compact than the others, the swirling effect the track has gives a different sense of openness or freedom.

Things end with “Cooking in Detroit”. An interesting pick for Kimochi, it’s seemingly juxtaposed with emblematic “Detroit” style chords and an almost haunting, Italian techno vibe. Stay tuned as Kimochi has several releases lined up for the summer months.

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