Lawrence – Yoyogi Park 2xLP – Mule Musiq

MULEMUSIQ196Peter Kersten’s sonic development is quite incremental. Followers and fans of his previous releases will find a lot to like here, though maybe not a lot new. These are stripped-back, drifting works of minimalism and ambiance, wrapped gently around the deep house template.

When something akin to a disco-beat is layered on, two minutes into Marble Star, the gesture is almost a jarring shock. More often, the subliminal developments are more like labelmate Sebastian Mullaert’s stream-of-consciousness melodic builds, as on Tensui and Nightlife. On songs like these, unassuming beginnings build leaf by leaf over the course of five minutes into an expansive forest of undulating chords. Lawrence seems at ease on this release, working easily within the subtle palette he’s established over the the past 15 years.

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