Den Nard Husher – Senida 12″ – Strobelight Network

strblt002dennardhusherThis project re-emerges after an almost complete hiatus for the past 17 years, broken only by a compilation track and a remix in the intervening time. Senida brings their music back in-line with Thule mainstays Exos and Thor, and adds them to the cast of Icelandic producers re-emerging after Thule’s dormant period after 2002.

Best known for their Nard’s Groove Vol 1 doublepack, this appearance on the Thule-focused Strobelight Network finds their sound significantly tempered towards the dub techno thrust of the Thule catalog. The smooth, reverberant consistency across the four tracks here are along the classic lines of Dale Lawrence’s work as Theorem or of Echospace’s drifting atmosphere, whereas their earlier work ranged from Svek-style rubbery tech-house, to heavier percussive workouts, in addition to the dub techno influences. This might point to the tracks being newer recordings, rather than dusty DATs polished off for the reunion, though either would be a notable re-emergence.

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