Pepe Bradock – Baby Craddock 12″ – Atavisme

ata03This should be one to pick up from Bradock. The 6-track EP opens with the busy and mysterious “Yakuze”. A2 shows off some more sampling magic with the bright and bouncy, and sure to go over well, “Grodno”. B1 brings more feel-good house vibes, while the track following it provides deep, groovy, fidgety, synth work akin to something you might hear from DJ Bone. Bradock builds tension before introducing one of his cluttered, sample-laden grooves, then ushers the end of the track by disappearing into kaleidoscopic, glass-like melodies.

Bradock closes out both sides with a beatless tracks. One seemingly cosmic and psychedelic-influenced, the other daydreamy and relaxing.

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