Simo Cell – Gliding 12″ – Livity Sound

livity021The Bristol tech heads of Livity Sound made a good turn when they unveiled new work from Parisian producer Simon Aussel aka Simo Cell. This month’s Gliding EP, Aussel’s first appearance for Livity and third release in total, is an elegantly latticed set of four pieces; from the deepest downtempo neck snaps of “Obi 1” to the rave drones and patters of “Away from Keyboard,” Aussel commands a disciplined balance of austerity and warmth.

What lingers the longest, however, may be the subtle devices programmed on the title cut “Gliding.” Though the track may flit by the passive ear without the initial grip of the aforementioned pieces, it meanders wistfully through swells of ambient layers and drum machine stutters that arc in a sort of blissed-out aimlessness. The quiet recession of “As Long as We Have Those Things” demonstrates a knack for closure as a long cinematic farewell.

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