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After a few years of writing for Phonologue, I moved to Seattle, which seemed like the logical next step in my life. Although it’s a much smaller city, I’m constantly inspired by the musical community here; anyone and everyone is encouraged to play what they like, and there is always a venue for them to perform at. One thing I noticed is that there aren’t really many blogs that chronicle ambient/electronic music here, so I figured that was blank space that needed to be filled. To keep track of the music I was hearing and what was going on around me, I decided to create my own blog called Tuner. It’s a way for me to be part of the community by documenting some of what I listen to as well as exposing emerging artists to my readers. There is no specific Seattle bent to the site, but you will see a lot of local music on Tuner.
Some of the features are album reviews, like the recent one I did about Avishai Cohen’s Into the Silence, a jazz album from last year. Others are roundups of ways to find new or interesting music, like the post I wrote about radio shows from around the world. Tuner isn’t bound by any genres or writing style, but in general, the music that’s chronicled isn’t commercial. I plan to deepen my digs by doing interviews with local musicians and previewing cultural events coming up in the area.
If you have something you think I should write about, feel free to drop me a line at kera@tunerseattle.co or on Twitter: @quatrovingt.


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