Ultimate Crew – untitled 12″ – Acoustic Division

AD013This record displays 4 tracks geared in the direction of acid house and electro. The EP consists of repetitive loops of vocal samples, quite a bit of squelch, square waves, and what seems like a mostly monophonic palette.

“Elastic” is first up, featuring rave-esque squelch and a sample of the hi-hats from Fast Eddie’s “Hip House”. The synth line and some of the elements in “Future” almost reminds me of Drexciya, and I can’t help but think of Theo Parrish’s “Falling Up” when I listen to “Method”. I’m not partial to this record, but it is mix-friendly, and has many of the sounds one might expect to hear on a dancefloor, so it may come in handy for some.

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