Richeart – Night Portrait 12″ – Still Music

STILLM040Upstart Italian house head Riccardo Schirò aka Richeart came out of the gate in 2015 and made this elegant entry with Chicago’s Still Music in the dusky closing weeks of 2016.

Night Portrait contains three extended tracks, none of which are a slight to the others. On YesterdaySaidTomorrow, Richeart pairs a pattering kickdrum, acoustic rim clicks, and a cadence of chunky keyboard chords, with a vocal cut-up modified just enough to be indecipherable (is it “bring the lights back?” or “bring the night jack?”). It’s a track sidling with reverence, alongside classic Chicago house structures and some soft-stepping Prins Thomas-esque mannerisms.

Still Music head Jerome Derradji touches up Heaviside Function with a polyrhythmic low end stomp that spills out of the sub like a broken dam. B-side “Double Paradiddle” is a miasmic swirl of acid bass, bluesy synths, and tectonic beats floated with a layer of vocal scatting. All told, Night Portrait is a sublime soul excursion imbued with footwork and matching our standards in resonance.

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