Greg Gow – Lost Days 2xLP – Social Experiment

SE008Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I didn’t. Apparently, Social Experiment is a project from Jonny White, formerly of No. 19 Music, the lone remaining member of Art Department. I guess everyone probably already knew that. The association seems kind of surprising to me, given Social Experiment’s consistently grittier, loopier approach. Anyway, Social Experiment’s proclaimed theme is to contribute proceeds to Music Against Animal Cruelty, “a non profit organization with one simple directive: to save African wildlife.”

The Canadian connection runs deep: Toronto stalwart Greg Gow’s first contribution to the label is the imprint’s first full-length album. The first record is a pair of unexceptionably balanced tech-house tracks, book-ended with ambient interludes. The second record has a bit more personality, the title track’s thunderous techno stomp roils under dubby chords before the eventual introduction of a squeaky lead, Too Late is the same archetype but without the acid. By contrast, Still Life is endearingly minimalist with only a kick, hat, and earnest arpeggio (aside from the occasional percussive flourish.) And again, the album closes out with an ambient interlude.

Overall, it feels like Gow knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s an album that takes no chances, feels supremely functional and sort of timeless, has many moments that would fit in easily in most mainstream underground club sets, from techno to progressive house, from Hot Creations to Watergate.  “Jonny White’s internationally acclaimed series of Social Experiment showcases that have been an essential brand for the worlds top clubs and music festivals since its inception. From installments in Panorama Bar and Fabric to DC10″

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