Second Woman – S/W LP – Spectrum Spools

SP043I think heard Second Woman described as something like Mark Fell meets dub techno. (Maybe it was Multipara?) This sounds about right, though – Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis and serial collaborator Turk Dietrich combine forces for their second full-length album of hyperreal sound design and intensely mathy programming.

The “dub techno” side of the characterization might seem misleading at first, this isn’t smoked-out slow techno with rolling basslines, but there is an aspect of blurred atmosphere, smearing the clean, angular shapes that would otherwise dominate these otherwise rigorously spartan compositions.

And I guess “////\\” actually has something like a bassline. Which makes it sound vaguely like Vladislav Delay meets Autechre’s Cichli Suite. In short, Second Woman often sounds eerily familiar while at the same time carving out a style that’s distinctive and novel.

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