Convextion – 2845 2xLP – a.r.t.less


Gerard Hanson a.k.a. Convextion’s latest album finds him in a much different place from last year’s theatrical, sci-fi, ambient release on Acido Records. Here, listeners will find a septet of Techno tracks backed by a beat. The production style often carries a futuristic element; the pads are cool and the percussive elements are sharp, minimal, and bright. Flyby is a great example of the aforementioned description.

The heady Distant Transmissions is my favorite track on the release. Hanson really puts the cool, blue palette that he has crafted for the album to work on this song. He makes great use of what sound like reverse hits, and the pads are delicate and subtle, yet effective.

Given Convextion’s track record alone, I’d say this is worth a listen.

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