Force Placement – Sometimes It Seems Like 12″ – Material Image

MATIMG05Force Placement is in Los Angeles, connected with the Black Lodge crew with a radio program on RWD.FM. Force Placement has a track on the new Black Lodge compilation and has released for LA 909 and Kid 606’s Tigerbeat6. Sometimes It Seems Like is Force Placement’s debut solo on vinyl.

Material Image is Aschof Mal’s label, a producer & DJ affiliated with Gramaphone records but located in Los Angeles. This is Material Image’s first record for 2017. The title track opens the record with a track that feels contradictory: simultaneously minimalist and cluttered with sound. It’s a driving tune anchored by an overdriven acid line. Insofar is similarly stripped down, aggressive, techno-leaning with a breakbeat rhythm. The B side feels less insistent, leaning back into slowed-down acid broken beat on Safety, similar attitude and heavy syncopation on Golden Hour.

They’re all weighty tracks, though, and it straddles acid, electro, and mid-tempo techno in a way that should be quite familiar to followers of the Material Image catalog.

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