NYC Volume 1: 2005-2012 3xlp compilation – Dope Jams

DJ580 (1)There’s a lot of sound to get through here: the first side features NYC Garage house courtesy of Groovestyle (a seldom used Eric Miller alias) and Tommye. Then on the flip, Scottish Funk D’Void channels some Detroit high-tech soul and Vil-N-X digs up their 1992 house jam What Cha Gonna Do.

The next disc is a much more modern sound, with abstract and lo-fi house productions from Beige (?), Hieroglyphic Being (Chicago), Analogous Doom (Missouri), D’Marc Cantu (Ann Arbor), and a rework by Slow To Speak’s Francis Englehardt (New York). The third record opens with gospel house courtesy of Kenny Bobien and The Djoon Experience, flips modes to acid house by Tadd Mullinix / D’Marc Cantu collaboration 2 AM/FM. The last side is reserved for leftfield antics, featuring Tom Of England, Invisible Conga People, and the tongue-in-cheek Snow by Christopher Deloach and Nick Hallstrom.

Dope Jams has been a NYC institution for a long time, and they dig into their deep vaults for this expansive compilation and accompanying booklet.

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