Blondes ‎– Warmth 2xlp – R&S

RS1710This is an album of chunky beats and swirling, gritty melodies. The tempos mostly hover in the mid 120s, tracks like Tens, Quality Of Life, MRO sound like they would fit in with  Peter Van Hoesen, while KMD and Op Actual sound more akin to leftfield German house.

Blondes is Sam Haar and Zach Steinman. Based in Brooklyn, this duo makes a kind of techno that showcases the influence of modular synthesizers. This is their fourth or fifth album, depending on how you count. This is their first release for the legendary Belgian R&S imprint. With mixes for Resident Advisor and FACT magazine, it’s a production team that’s gotten a fair deal of exposure in the seven years since their first release.

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