Sw. – The Album 2xlp – Apollo

AMB1706SW’s debut album comes after 6 years of steady releases, slowly building a distinctive voice and a zealous following through his constantly evolving approach to electronic productions. As one half of Sued records, this release first went through a couple pressings on its home imprint before being picked up for re-release by Apollo, ambient sublabel of the Belgian behemoth R&S.

SW.’s sound here has a humid, languid quality to it at times, imbued both by the ambiguously organic sound palette and the limber rhythm work. The tempos and atmospheres vary, from uptempo techno to low-slung tribal house to wavey beatless ambience to breakbeats to slow liquid jungle. But through all of this variety, there’s a timeless quality that sounds perhaps indebted to defunct fore-bearers like Pork Recordings and Rephlex, as well as to early R&S, which makes this a kind of homecoming.

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