Andy To Andy split 12″ – Cryovac

CRYO017A clever play on their shared first-name, this split release between Andy Garcia and Andy Vaz is a functional matchup. Andy Vaz runs Yore records out of Cologne. Although he comes from a minimal house sound, his label has drifted more towards more dense, organic house with artists like Rick Wade and Kez YM filling in the gaps. On the other hand, Andy Garcia co-owns the Detroit-based Docile imprint, which focuses on productions by himself and Jason Garcia, and a certain kind of minimal house that might coincide well with the Detroit ethos of early M_nus records.  Their combined 12″ appears on Cryovac, a sublabel of Docile that for the last 9 years has been open to a wider variety of contributors, such as Sierra Sam, Pascal Hetzel, Kimyon Hugginns, Kero, Keith Kemp, and Annie Hall.

Andy Vaz gets the A side, and with “Dangerous” channels 9 minutes of Terrence Dixon’s jazzy discordant techno. Andy Garcia’s two tracks on the B side seem to dial in towards a closer focal point: the percussion samples and vocal syllables are drawn to the fore, while the droning chords are a little hazier backdrop. All three are four to the floor, mix-friendly tracks with enough rhythm quirk and personality to go beyond simple fodder.

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