Damon Wild – Cosmic Path 2xlp – Infrastructure

INF024LPDamon Wild has been been mounting a comeback in the last couple years: after 5 years without a solo release, he put out We Left The Planet with Steve Stoll in 2016 (the title may be a hint as to his absence.) Since then, he’s followed up with a couple more EPs on his Synewave homebase and now a full-length on David Sumner’s Infrastructure label. It’s only the third album over a career spanning 3 decades, that is – the third under his primary alias. Over the years, he’s collaborated on dozens of projects and used a wide array of aliases, even appearing on Infrastructure in 1998 as 1/2 of 303 Systems.

Truly, his vaults would be a library in themselves, but this album gives a peek into the style of techno he’s championed throughout the years. It’s a combination of the weighty drive of Ostgut, combined with a tunneling depth and bass energy and often incorporating sonar-like hypnotic resonant tones, like a clubbier Mika Vainio or a mellower Tresor sound. Function even pops into the studio to contribute an edit for the track Space Race, his version a notably cosmic electro breakbeat affair. Every track on this release is a belter, save for the pensive ambient outro “Friday’s Orbit”.

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