Snow Robots Volume 4 12″ compilation – Suction

SUNCTION043Torontonian imprint Suction ressurects their 2001-2003 compilation series Snow Robots with this fourth entry into the sequence.

It’s quite a patchwork of eras, including contemporary stewards of the underground electro sound Beau Wanzer and June, synthpop standby Skanfrom (recording here as Civil Defence Programme), old-school industrial acts Digital Poodle (active mid-80s to mid-90s) and Ceramic Hello (1980), alongside relative newcomers Morah and Celldöd.

Even without that temporal and geographic diversity in mind, it’s a surprisingly coherent collection. It could easily act as a window into the influences of label owners Solvent and Lowfish, as well as an effective introduction to their benchmark record label.

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