Grant – Perception 2xlp – Duke’s Distribution

DD001Grant’s been quite a productive project for deep house lately. With an album each of the past 3 years, and twice as many singles, this is a production outfit on a bit of a roll, and already with signature if not terribly distinctive sound. That is to say, Grant’s music usually comes off as if it’s channeling the most pertinent bits of Guidance, Paper Recordings, and NRK Sound Division, all in a sort of homage  that makes the result more of a subliminal mode of expression.

Taken together, Perception doesn’t surprise, but neither does it disappoint. Every track here is a heady dancefloor number, sometimes with a thread of spoken word woven through the track, as on “The Wait,” sometimes with truncated diva wails as on “Equilibrium”, but always with that classic production style and propulsive bassline drive. Across the eight tracks, it offers good value as a DJ doublepack; it feels like each side could have been its own dance single.

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