Dreamlogicc – MDS005 12″ – Main Drain Studios

CS678602-01B-BIGThe past year has seen the release of Dreamlogicc’s fourth full-length album (on cassette for San Francisco’s cutting-edge Jacktone imprint) and now he returns to the other side of the bay for more aggressive material on his home bass Main Drain Studios.

The handmade visual aesthetic gives way to a dizzying array of low-end oriented styles: the record opens with a stomping, swirling techno number in Spiraling before switching it up to a pulsating lo-fi mirage in Video Drones. Then, on the flip side The Contra Dub channels a DJ Stingray hyper-electro atmosphere. The record closes with Vivi, a similarly foreboding blue-grey tone, but upping the electro tempo to two-step jungle.

It’s a subtly omnivorous record, taking cues from contemporaries like Auxiliary and Trilogy Tapes and fusing the influences into a bleak, futuristic style.

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