Hanna – Perpetual Rhythms Welcomes Hanna: Part 2 of 3 12″ : Perpetual Rhythms

PERP011Hanna has been prolific, even by his own standards, with this being his 5th EP in 12 months. This second record in his series for Perpetual Rhythms builds on the broken beat jazzy themes of the first.

Opening the record is a track that marks the third time in the series that he’s made a clear allusion Chicago-centrism of the music. The Lake Shore Doctor has the most direct approach of anything so far – the straight kick drum pulse provides the track with an solidly driving introduction before it’s deconstructed in the song’s second movement. Parallel has a charming lilt, and then on the flip side, Gold Coast breaks it down even further, with an almost subliminal shuffling rhythm guiding the floating, wistful melodies throughout. Khords is a bit of an outlier, closing the record with a stuttering beat and pensive melody that would’ve sounded at home on Chicago’s Hefty records.

Throughout, he seems to channel the spirit of house music without ever needing to fall back on its tropes, relying instead building grooves around his jazzy intuitions and making for a progressive perspective on a well-rooted genre.

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