Reedale Rise – Flux Function 12″ – Hizou

HZOS02Liverpool’s Simon Keat offers up the latest for Hizou, a label roughly 17 releases deep, though it’s a bit confusing with their catalog scheme…

Another possible point of mild confusion could be this his inclusion in a discography that seems to focus almost exclusively on a classic deep-house sound, whereas Reedale Rise has been quickly making a name for himself behind a handful of techno-tinged electro releases, even for imprints specializing in that subgenre (see: Frustrated Funk.) In the end, the release shows influences both from his more characteristic sound, and from the pull of Hizou’s in-house style.

“Psyche 6″ has a kind of housey roll under its distinctly electroid synthesizer array, not unlike the vibe of The Other People Place; likewise on “Telemetry” he channels a Drexciyan bassline and the breakbeat is anything but four to the floor. But on “Flux Function” he employs the heavy quarternote kick and more organic drumming, and “Shutter” is a swinging deep house number that can hold its own with most anything else on Hizou Deep Rooted Music’s catalog, even incorporating some understated vocal bits and bobs weaved into the old-school groove.

Reedale Rise manages to stay within his sound, but also fits into the label’s aesthetic, and makes a flexible, understated EP in the process.

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