Gamayun – untitled 12″ – Hesperian Sound Division

HESP004Known for their works on Udacha over the past couple years, Gamayun joins the Hesperian Sound Division with some deep and varied spacey electronic sounds that tread in a borderland between abstraction, ambiance, jazz, deep house, and downtempo.

Reverberant piano lines and a layered patter of loose rhythm dominate the A-side, while the B-side focuses more on lumbering percussion and slightly gloomier melodies laced between the beats. It’s a unique mixture of influences, and one that should land well with fans of Yuri Shulgin’s more recent works, or who want to dig deeper into the experimentation offered by Sued, Leleka, and the like. It’s arguably the most daring release to date on the Chicago / Los Angeles Hesperian imprint, and one that possibly hints at even more adventures to come.

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