Serious grooves from Nuremberg’s Marvin Zeyss

Marvin Zeyss "Living Forever E.P."

Anyone who thinks that Germans only know techno hasn’t heard the deep cuts that have been surfacing from the land that was the Minimal mecca just a few years back. Maybe it is because many of the artists are coming from outside of the city centers of Berlin and Munich, but for whatever reason there are some seriously soulful grooves making their way onto turntables across the globe from Deutschland.

One of those choice platters is the new four-track Living Forever E.P. from Marvin Zeyss on Space Breaks Records. On these four cuts, Zeyss displays a keen knack for making music that is technical but does not sacrifice on emotion. Aside from solid drum programming, each track on this E.P. is full of hidden melodies and movements making it perfect for late night sweaty soirees or afternoons at home sitting on the porch.

The first track “Living The Life” is one of those deep jams that works hard enough to keep the floor moving, but not too much to wear anyone out right away. Understated keys combine with delicious vocal snippits and horn samples to up-the-anti over what would normally be a simple little bass roll. “All The Times” is up next and is, in my humble opinion, the best cut on the E.P.  It lays out the framework with a big hefty kick and some nice percussion programming. However, it is the intermingling of the keys, bassline and stabs that make this one special. On the flip-side Zeyss picks things up a bit with “Nothing Lasts Forever” a solid, deep and techy house track. Then he closes things out with a seriously nice slow-house grinder in “White Lights”.

With four tracks that can work into a number of different settings, this record is a versatile DJ tool for working a dance floor in addition to being a great listening record. I highly recommend it, especially to fans of labels like Svek and Klang Elektronik.

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– Scotty Brandon

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